Monday, June 13, 2011

Time To Tweet

The micro blogging platform Twitter has continued to grow in popularity, but while users are attracted to twitter’s simplicity, they can’t help but want a little more. Enter Time2Tweet, a web based JavaScript application that helps to manage the bulk tweets for Twitter.

For Twitter users it’s more useful than it first appears – The feature of bulk scheduling worked into time2tweet that are not free in the native Twitter apps. Since experience is the best way to learn about it, let’s fly through it.

In my last blog i introduce you with Hootsuit pretty impressive and renown twitter application but for advance features like bulk scheduling they are charging monthly, so this time i came up with another web twitter application that is Time2Tweet for free bulk scheduling, apparently it is most suitable for marketing but anyone can manipulate it according to their needs.

Open your browser and go for you will find "sign in" option at the bottom of the page click it.

registering on this app is way too easy sign in option will take you to gmail where by entering you gmail username and password you can register in a sec then the page will redirect to application see below...

Click on manage to add your twitter account it would be better if are already login to tweeter account because when you click manage by default it add the twitter account and ask you to authorize this app.

On the left horizontal Colum you will find scheduling and Tweet shrink option but I better suggest you not to use tweet shrink it is always better to shrink tweets manually this way they will be meaningful.

In right top corner you will find two options for initiating tweets, you can write multiple tweets line by line and save it as text(txt) file on your computer and got to option "upload tweets from a computer" select the txt file and hit upload all the tweets will be uploaded to application database see below... and follow the instruction on images.

Hope you enjoy this app and may fulfill you requirement, however still there are lot of issues in this app and still looking for some good free social networking tool till that time enjoy this app, for the best result please follow my above mention instructions only, if you want to contact developer use this link

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